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Acarda Outbound AltiGen
Special Edition

Acarda Outbound is for focused outbound calling. Your customers can increase their productivity by using Acarda Outbound for telemarketing, telesales, appointment setting, customer care, surveying and any other outbound calling campaigns.

Becoming an Acarda Reseller

If you are interested in reselling Acarda software in particular the Acarda Outbound - AltiGen Call Center system, please please email us for a Reseller Application form. Once we have processed your application we will email you pricing details and a product list. As a reseller we can make NFR single user licenses (of both team and solo) available to you for a sales tool or for use in house.

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Acarda Outbound – AltiGen Download

There are two versions, a multiple user, team edition and a single user solo edition. The heart of the team and solo editions is essentially the same and you can easily upgrade from solo to team at a later stage.

Acarda Outbound AltiGen Team

Outbound Call Center and Telemarketing Dialer for a group of people.

Acarda Outbound AltiGen Solo

Outbound Call Center and Telemarketing Dialer for one person.