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Acarda Outbound NCI
Appointment Setting Call Manager

Acarda Outbound is a telemarketing call manager and speed dialer that makes it easy to quickly make a large number of outbound calls.  It’s ideal for assisting those in small call centers or the telemarketer working by themselves with their telemarketing and appointment settings campaigns.

Acarda Outbound Solo and Team Editions

There are two editions of Acarda Outbound, Solo and Team. Acarda Outbound Solo is for a single user those working on campaigns by themselves, the other, Acarda Outbound Team is for multiple users working together on the same campaigns. Both editions work in a similar way, the main difference simply that in the Solo edition everything is together in one application, the management of the campaigns and the agent dialing; whereas in the Team edition there is a separate management application to the agent dialing screen. Also in the Solo edition you can choose to have an agent screen in a Card View like the team edition or in a List View as shown below where the agent can see all the leads in a list not just the one they are working on.

This is the Acarda Outbound Solo agent dialing screen presented in List View mode:

List View

This is the Acarda Outbound Solo agent dialing screen presented in Card View mode which is similar to how the Acarda Outbound Team Agent software displays the dialing screen:

Card View

The NCI version of Acarda Outbound comes loaded with NCI’s objections handlers:

Objection Handler

Acarda Outbound also includes NCI’s standard reports such as the Appointment Report:

Appointment Report

Acarda Outbound Pricing

Acarda working with New Clients, Inc have released a special version of Acarda Outbound. The Acarda Outbound NCI Version includes Acarda Outbound Advanced loaded with the NCI Objection Handlers and NCI’s custom reports. The Solo edition of Acarda Outbound NCI Version can be purchased on-line for $569 by clicking this link here. The Team edition is also $569 per agent and can be purchased on-line by clicking this link here. For the team edition please select the Qty for the number of concurrent agents you wish to license. Please contact us for further information by completing the online form or phone us toll free on 1800 728 2050.

Acarda Outbound – NCI Download