Team of agents?

Have a team of outbound calling agents and you want to see them make more calls, close more deals? The answer is Acarda Outbound Team!

Just yourself making calls?

Working for yourself making outbound calls and you want to be more productive? The answer is Acarda Outbound Solo!

Extend your 3CX Phone System

Use the Acarda Outbound Call Center with your 3CXPhone to transform your telesales, telemarketing and appointment setting operation.

Will the real autodialer
please stand up?

The term autodialer is fairly elusive, this will help you understand what the differences are between them.

Preview Dialer

A Preview Dialer will load the next call details for the agent to preview before the record is dialled out. Good for calls that require some research before contact is made with the call recipient. If the agent needs to click a button to initiate the dial then it operates like a speed dialer, Acarda Outbound is like this; however, if it dials out automatically after a set period of time it may also fall into the classification of an autodialer.


Predictive Dialers

A Predictive Dialer is an autodialer that makes a large number of calls, dialing ahead of time, before an agent is ready, at a pace it predicts an agent will become ready in time so that when someone answers the phone it can immediately transfer the call to an agent.


Progressive Dialer

A Progressive Dialer will usually dial out automatically as soon as an agent is available so it avoids the negative side of a predictive dialing and which may need to drop live calls when no agents are available. In most cases a Progressive Dialer would be considered an autodialer because of the automated nature of initiating a call.


Voice Broadcasting Dialer

A Voice Broadcasting Dialer is a fully automated auto dialer that calls through a list of numbers and plays a pre-recorded message to the called recipient. No live agents are necessary unless you allow the call recipient to be transferred back to your call center. Be very careful using this sort of autodialer to follow the laws and regulations of your region.

Which is the best
autodialer for you?

You may be surprised to hear this - an autodialer might not be good for you! In many countries there are laws and regulations restricting or prohibiting the use of auto dialers. For example, in the USA the FCC prohibits autodialers devices that include the function to “dial numbers without human intervention”. For more details on FCC rulings please read here.

How to avoid
autodialer problems?

If autodialers are prohibited in your region, how can you still have productive outbound calling agents? What is the answer? We believe that outbound call centers are at their best as a contact lead management system with a speed-dialer like function initiated by the agent. That is the design philosophy behind Acarda Outbound!


Speed Dialer

A speed dialer, is software or hardware that gives you the ability to speed dial a number from a directory by simply clicking a single button. It allows the user to quickly dial out a telephone number without needing to dial the individual digits of the telephone number directly.

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