Extend Your 3CX Phone System Investment

Use the Acarda Outbound Call Center with your 3CXPhone to transform your telesales, telemarketing and appointment setting operation.

3CX Phone System and Acarda Outbound

Use the Acarda Outbound Call Center with your 3CXPhone for Windows to transform your telesales, telemarketing and appointment setting operation. Join the advanced 3CX phone system features with Acarda Outbound which is designed specifically for focused outbound calling to achieve the ultimate in call center management and agent productivity.

Take control of your outbound calling team by using Acarda Outbound to manage your calling campaigns. Monitor call outcomes to ensure your agents are working to their best ability. Acarda Outbound is the tool to ensure your team excels in cold-calling and telesales. Campaigns are set up and leads imported via the manager application. Agents are assigned to teams who work on these calling campaigns.

Agents login either over the local network or remotely over the internet and they are presented with one lead at a time to call. Once the lead is displayed on the agent screen it is speed-dialed seamlessly with the agent’s 3CXPhone for Windows. They make notes about the call outcome either setting a call back or a disposition then with the click of a single button they can save the lead, move on to the next lead and have it dialed out.

The 3CX Phone Advantage

3CX is an open standards IP PBX that offers complete Unified Communications, out of the box. Here are some helpful places to visit to learn more about 3CX and even download a free version of the 3CX System! Remember you need the 3CXPhone for Windows installed on your client computer for Acarda Outbound to dial out.

3CX Website

Visit the 3CX website

Download 3CX Phone System

Try 3CX’s VoIP IP PBX Free in the Cloud or On-Premise

3CX Softphone Download

Download the 3CXPhone for Windows

3CX Resellers

Locate a 3CX Reseller in your region

Seamless 3CX integration with your 3CXPhone for Windows

To connect up Acarda Outbound to dial out with a v16 3CX phone system you must start by installing the 3CXPhone for Windows. Check with your 3CX Reseller as to your licence requirements to be able to access the 3CXPhone for Windows functionality. Once you have this installed and configured then take the following steps for your 3CX integration or download the How to dial out with 3CXPhone for Windows. These instructions apply to both the Team and Solo Editions of Acarda Outbound v7.2.0.2304 and above.

Installing 3CX Plug-in Files – 3CX integration

When Acarda Outbound Agent or Solo is installed a folder is created as "C:\Program Files\Acarda\Acarda Outbound\3CX Support Files" (or "C:\Program Files (x86)\…" on 64bit installs) which will contain the two plug-in files "Innovasoft.XDMessaging.dll" & "Innovasoft.S3CX.dll". Copy the two files to the install folder of the 3CXPhone (3CXWin8Phone.exe) which by default is "C:\ProgramData\3CXPhone for Windows\PhoneApp".

To activate the plug-in locate the file "C:\ProgramData\3CXPhone for Windows\PhoneApp\3CXWin8Phone.user.config", open and edit adding the reference to "Innovasoft.S3CX" for the key="CRMPlugin", use a comma to separate multiple entries or add the key & value if required. E.g.

<!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?-->
<add key="version" value="3.0.0"></add>
<add key="ClientSettingsProvider.ServiceUri" value=""></add>
<add key="CRMPlugin" value="CallTriggerCmdPlugin,Innovasoft.S3CX"></add>
<add key="MakeCallTimeout" value="10000"></add>
<add key="MakeCallTimeoutCTIUnsupported" value="200000"></add>
<add key="EnableVCELogging" value="true"></add>
<add key="MaxLogFileSizeMb" value="5"></add>
<add key="RequestTimeout" value="60"></add>
<add key="MaxUploadSizeKb" value="2048"></add>

When the 3CXPhone is started the plug-in will now automatically be loaded enabling the dial functionality to be activated from Acarda Outbound.

Connecting Acarda Outbound to 3CXPhone for Windows

To dial out via the 3CXPhone, the softphone must be installed, running and logged in before continuing. To set the correct dialing device take the following steps:

  1. Open the Dialing Device screen.
    1. With Acarda Outbound Team: In Acarda Outbound Agent click on the Tools menu up the top right side of the screen and select the Dialing Device submenu.
    2. With Acarda Outbound Solo: Click on the Agent View tab and in the top right, click the Tools menu and select the Dialing Device submenu.
  2. In the Acarda Outbound Dialing Device screen select “3CXPhone for Windows” from the drop down.
  3. Click Save to select this option.

Acarda Outbound Team

Download Acarda Outbound Team Edition - Outbound Call Center and Telemarketing Dialer for a group.

Acarda Outbound Agent

Acarda Outbound Solo

Download Acarda Outbound Solo Edition - Outbound Call Center and Telemarketing Dialer for one person.

Acarda Outbound Solo